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Top 10 Tips to Make Moving Easy

There is always a new home or place that we have to move, either for a new job or just for the sake of moving. Everyone can agree that moving isn’t as easy as one might think as it involves many processes and requires utmost patience. Moving in cities like Perth or Sydney can be a difficult task, however, with these top tips, it will become much easier to move to your new home.


1. Find Free Moving Boxes

One could save some cash and get boxes for free by checking out some grocery stores who throw away their boxes or even major clothing brands. There is also a section on Craigslist which features free boxes. So, make sure to check it out and save some money.

2. Create a Schedule

Moving requires many things to be done and one may easily get overwhelmed and end up forgetting to do some tasks before the big day arrives. Therefore, create a schedule and make sure to stick to it. A moving house checklist will also make your life a lot easier.

Download an easy to use moving house checklist here:

3. Prepare a First Night Box

It is one the best tips for movers as one would be quite exhausted after moving to a new home and it would be refreshing to know that all the important items that you need are in one box.

4. Pack Plates Safely

Plates and cutlery in general are extremely fragile, so make sure to pack them all carefully to ensure that they remain in their condition. It would also make it much easier to pack them.

5. Have Drawers Wrapped with Plastic

You will thank yourself later for doing this as wrapping plastic over your drawers will help keep them in a good condition and prevent them from getting any scratches which is quite likely when moving.

6. Avoid Mixing Items

It is important for items from different rooms or of different conditions to be packed separately to ensure that each item is not mixed as it helps you save time from having to open every box just to set up a room.

7. Egg Cartons for Jewelry

Everyone who has jewelry knows how important it is to keep it safe therefore a great idea for packing jewelry is by using egg cartons for packing. They are easy to pack your belongings in and will keep them safe.

8. Ensure Bolts & Screws are Organized

Many of us make the mistake of not organizing bolts and screws which only makes the entire moving process much harder. Hence, ensure that all the bolts and screws are organized and kept in proper place.

9. Cut Holes in Boxes

When you cut holes in boxes, it makes it easier to carry the boxes, instead of having to pick up each box individually.

10. Color-Coding Labels

Another pro tip for movers is color-coding labels. These help you identify which type of items are inside a certain box instead of having to open every box to find something. A color-coding label could be used for various purposes.

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