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5 Ways To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

5 Ways To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

Buying a great mattress is an investment in your wellbeing, but it’s also expensive. Making your high-quality mattress last as long as possible saves you from making this important investment too often. By trying these few easy things, you can keep your mattress in top shape for many years to come.

  1. Keep your bed for rest and relaxation only

Your bed should be considered a place of rest, sleep and relaxation. Keep other areas of your house for activities and eating, and your mattress will last longer.

  • No jumping

Try not to let your little ones jump on your bed as the springs can become damaged and worn down. This causes hollows to form in your mattress that are not only incredibly uncomfortable to lie on, but are also bad for your spinal health.

  • No eating

Eating in bed can seem like the ultimate luxury, until ants and cockroaches start to make their homes inside your mattress. Crumbs, small spills and smears attract insects which then nest in the filling of your mattress. Insect nests in your bed are not only disgusting for you, they’re also devastating for your mattress and dramatically diminish its lifespan.

  1. Always use a bed base

A high quality bed base will extend your mattress’ life significantly. A base dissipates the body weight applied to your mattress evenly across the bed base, ensuring there are no areas of excessive load. This prevents the wearing down of some springs more than others.

Bases also prevent sagging, especially around the corners of your mattress, thanks to their ability to support your mattress evenly from below.

Lastly, a base helps to keep your mattress fresh thanks to its ability to create air flow underneath your bed. This helps keep insects away from your precious mattress, as well as keeping the underside of your bed dry.

  1. Always use a mattress protector

A mattress protector is exactly that; your mattress’ protector. It acts as secure barrier between you and your mattress. Dry skin, hair, crumbs and sweat are kept separate from your mattress to keep it fresh and dry; thereby prolonging its life. Don’t think of a mattress protector as optional, consider it compulsory.

  1. Use breathable linen

Breathable sheets made from silk or bamboo help keep you cool, which prevents tossing and turning. Less movement every night will also prevent excessive wear and tear on your bedsprings. High quality, breathable sheets also provide more air flow, keeping your skin cooler and sweat-free; perfect for a clean, long-lasting mattress.

  1. Clean your mattress regularly

Your mattress isn’t self-cleaning, it needs to be aired out and cleaned to help it last as long as possible. Flip your mattress every few months to ensure it doesn’t wear down in one specific area. After you flip it, vacuum your bed to freshen the mattress and remove dust and any superficial dirt that has accumulated.

Investing in a high-quality mattress is a clever choice for your spine, and for your energy levels, but you need to make it last. By taking care of your mattress, you’ll be able to have sound sleeps on the same mattress for many years to come.

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