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How to Reduce Your Hot Water Heater Bill

Long baths using hot water are incredible and refreshing, and in colder weather, it’s even more indulging and we’re often tempted to increase the hot water shower time. However, these small luxuries can cost you more, which you’ll realise only when the energy bill finally reaches you. The cost of heating water is, without a doubt, one of the single biggest factors of power consumption for any residential property. Fortunately, these days there are several energy-saving techniques, which the average family can use to curtail their hot water costs. You can also reach out to a professional plumber in Castle Hill to avail recommendations for optimising the use of your hot water system and lowering your energy bills.

Well, you can save on your overall energy consumption and money, as well as, assist in protecting the environment by following the below-mentioned practical and simple tips:

Inspect the Insulation of the Hot Water System

It’s vital to ensure your hot water system’s cylinder is adequately insulated. Fittingly insulated units preserve its warmness and use energy more resourcefully. Numerous older model hot water heaters aren’t appropriately insulated. In case, your hot water system is over 10 years old, then it is imperative for you to invest in some insulation. It is equally important to insulate the hot water pipe, which connects your hot water system’s cylinder. If you feel that this type of plumbing maintenance isn’t your cup of tea then the best thing to do is to talk with an expert and licensed plumber or plumbing company.

Control Your Usage

A straightforward technique of maintaining your hot water costs low is by controlling both, the water temperature and the time you spend using it. A gas or electric hot water heater cylinder should be maintained at 60°C and the flow from the tap should be maintained at a max of 55°C to avert scalding. Similarly, by spending less time in the shower or preferring shorter showers to full baths, you can significantly reduce your annual hot water bills. In addition, some showerheads facilitate you to add flow restrictions to aid water savings. Reducing your average shower time by only 3 minutes will make a big difference.

Upgrade Your Exhausted Hot Water System

There has been an enormous improvement in hot water heating technology in the past decade. The latest hot water systems in Sydney use energy in a more resourceful way consuming less of energy. Moreover, you can improve your bank balance and assist the environment by installing a solar water heater that is cost effective and eco-friendly. For some budget-conscious homeowners, the initial price may prove an impediment; however, it is worth noting that the long-term savings will compensate the start-up costs many times over. You can also go for and heat pumps or gas continuous flow hot water installation as they are energy-efficient alternatives and save precious energy.
The Bottom Line

Get in touch with a reliable and trusted plumbing company or certified plumber who can recommend a superior quality hot water system that is best suited for your residential property. Besides, they can provide you with practical tips on how you can optimally use your hot water system to save energy and money.

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