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10 Home Staging Tips and Tricks to Sell Your Home Fast

In a competitive real estate market, you need to use as many tactics as possible to attract qualified home buyers. Redecorating your home, removing dirt and improving curb appeal are obvious ways to draw buyers.

However, you need to go beyond that to create a strong emotional desire by making your home look brighter, bigger and warmer You have to make it so magnetic and inviting that any visitor will want to buy it at your desired price, instantly. Here are some of the most valuable tips for effective home staging that sells homes quickly.

  1. Create a Sparkling Home Without Clutter

First, you need to get rid of everything you don’t need. You may dispose of them completely, donate them or set up a garage sale to recover some cash from valuable items. Next, you must make your home sparkling clean. Don’t leave any dirt or mess around. It gives your potential buyers a really bad impression. They will start thinking that other issues like plumbing and electrical faults could be hiding somewhere in the building. Always remember that tidiness makes buyers feel that you are reliable.

  1. Maintain a Beautiful Green Garden

Improve the curb appeal of your yard to attract serious buyers. Make sure your lawn looks green and well kept. Cut out any weather-worn bushes and branches. Trim hedges and remove any thing that is not needed. Invest a little money to rebuild and paint your perimeter fence, if your home has one.

  1. Transform Your Front Doors

Just like your yard, your front door and garage doors are key elements for persuading serious home buyers. A neat, freshly painted door with a high quality door knob, tells a visitor that there are other high quality fixtures and fittings within your home. Also, maintaining a modern garage door, tells your potential buyer that you care a lot about safety. It also shows that the home will most likely have good insulation and will prevent unnecessary heat losses that raise the cost of cooling or heating the home.

  1. Give the House a New Coat of Paint

You probably know that giving your home a fresh coat of paint will enhance its visual appeal. But how do you use paint to make would-be homeowners more excited about buying your house?

Use neutral colors and shades to give your house a fresh look and to give a customer an illusion of a blank canvas. Don’t limit your painting to the walls, work on the cabinets as well. Use wood varnish to renew them and increase the appeal of your home’s interior.

  1. Arrange objects to form a vignette

A vignette will show off your favourite furniture and other objects in your home while enhancing your home’s interior design. You can display a vignette on any horizontal surface including: a fireplace mantle, a bookcase, coffee table, dining centrepiece, floor or on the counters in your kitchen and bathroom. For the best effect, build it around a light source, make sure the objects compliment the style of the room and display odd-numbered objects.

  1. Spruce up Your Kitchen

For most homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home. So you need to make it sparkle. You can do this by applying orange oil to dry surfaces of cabinets to give them new lustre. Arrange large fruit bowls containing bright oranges, luscious grapes and polished apples. Then place colourful cookbooks on the kitchen counters.

  1. Create a Delightful Bathroom

Dress up your bathroom so it looks airy, open and inviting. One of the best tricks for this is to place items used for spa treatments in baskets. These include: creamy lotions, ribbon bound towels, moisturizing jars and soaps with aromatic scents.

  1. Make the Patios and Decks Colorful

Don’t neglect your backyard. Some curious buyers could decide to spend time inspecting every detail in the home. For your decks and patios, add potted plants and flowers. Give some additional colour by setting  picnic table with bright coloured plastic plates.

  1. Carry Out as Many Repairs as Possible

Invite a professional home inspector to check your home. Make a plan to fix all minor repairs needed on your plumbing, roof and electric system. Making these minor investments can give the house a flawless look. Such renovations  will not cost you plenty of time and money. In fact, if you tell a prospective buyer that your electrical and plumbing systems have been checked and upgraded, they will feel secure and be more willing to buy your home immediately.

  1. Invest in Lighting

With good modern lighting, you can showcase the improvements in your home with ease. Good lighting also includes having spotless windows that permit the most natural lighting to come into the home. Use energy-efficient artificial lighting to enhance all the renovations and home staging efforts you’ve made.

Using these home staging tips and tricks will give your home an appeal that is beyond the ordinary. Thus helping you to sell it quickly at a high value.

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