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Summer Landscaping & Gardening Tips

Everyone loves summer. The days are longer, and the warm weather opens up so many more possibilities. We also get to spend a lot more time in our garden, so it’s essential that your backyard is in as perfect condition as possible.

While you might be excited about summer, your garden may not be. Hot days and weeks without rain could mean your yard needs a little extra TLC to ensure it makes it through to March looking as green and luscious as possible.

So, follow these landscaping and gardening tips and get your backyard ready for the busiest season of the year.

Invest Some Money into an Irrigation System

An irrigation system is a worthwhile investment in the lead-up to summer. Firstly, it slashes the amount of time you have to spend on maintenance. All you have to do is set a timer, and the system will go to work for you. Secondly, irrigation systems actually provide your plants with a better water than you can with a hose, by providing the deep soak that plants need. You can also set your timer to deliver water in the early morning and evening, meaning the water won’t be evaporated by the sun.

Set Your Lawn Up for Summer

Your lawn is often the centerpiece of your garden design. There’s nothing worse than seeing your lush patch turn an ugly shade of brown over summer. To prevent this, you need to change your mowing technique. In the lead-up to summer, you should raise your guard and cut your lawns longer. If you cut short, you expose new growth to the sun, where it will be burnt before it has had a chance to grow. You also need to weed your lawn regularly; weeds will take all the nutrients your grass needs to survive under the sun. And finally, you must aerate your lawn. The little holes allow oxygen to flow more evenly throughout your lawn, so no section is left out.


Don’t Forget About Your Pots and Trees

Your pots should be filled with mulch before summer hits, to ensure moisture is locked in the soil. Homeowners tend to assume that their trees can look after themselves. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and without adequate water, your trees will shrivel and die over summer. Looking after your trees also makes sense for your hip pocket, as it can be costly to remove a big, dead tree from your yard.


Organise a Shade Sail

A shade sail is good for you and your plants. You can use it to protect heat affected plants, like ferns, and it will also provide you with a shady space to relax and entertain in. On top of that, they’re a budget-friendly option, and they can be erected in a day.

Does Your Garden Need a Makeover?

Summer is the perfect time to get rid of dead or sick plants, and replace them with plants that are better suited to Australia’s warmer climate. If your landscaping design is centered around native plants, you won’t have to engage in nearly as much maintenance, and you’ll still enjoy a beautiful, colourful garden.

Follow these tips and you’ll enjoy bright colours, green grass and healthy vegetation throughout the summer season.

Source: Sally Wood – Everlast Services.




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