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How to Beautify Your New Home’s Backyard

There’s nothing more exciting than moving into a new home. You get to set everything up exactly as you like, imbuing your new property with your very own personality and sense of style. While setting up the interior of your new home is often the priority, you should consider putting just as much effort into your new backyard.

Your backyard is a valuable space. It is an area of play and relaxation, and is often the space where your friends and family will gather, particularly if you enjoy entertaining. The best part is, you can create a beautiful backyard without huge cost or effort. By following these simple tips, you’ll maximise your backyard space and give yourself another beautiful area to enjoy.


Install Some Lighting

Lighting is a quick and easy way to change the look of your backyard completely. The best thing about lighting is the versatility and the way you can use it to highlight and elevate specific sections of your yard. You also have a number of design options to choose from, meaning you can add a touch of contemporary or traditional class to your outdoor area.

For example, you can use lighting to highlight your decking or BBQ area. You can install it around your pool to ensure you have a design focal point during the day and night. Nothing is better than having your backyard filled with light, and it is one of those rare design elements that are both decorative and functional.

Create a Decorative Concrete Path

Paths create visual interest and points of contrast in your backyard. You can use them to break up garden beds, or just create ease of access. If you’re thinking about a path, you need to consider concrete. It is budget-friendly, durable, low-maintenance and thanks to stamping, colouring and texturing you can end up with much more than just a grey slab. You can use these techniques to replicate the look of natural stone, brick or tile, at half the cost.

Bring Your Walls to Life

The best garden will use every inch of space. Why have bare walls when you can turn them into a garden bed? Vertical gardens and green walls are in fashion because they maximise space and turn bland walls into living, breathing design features. They also increase the scope of your home, and you’ll feel immediately relaxed when you gaze upon your foliage-covered masterpiece.

Every Backyard Needs a Deck

If you don’t have a timber deck, you need one. It is a sure fire way to turn an ordinary space into a hotbed of entertainment and relaxation. Timber decks are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. And they never go out of style. Just think about how much more enjoyment you’ll get out of your space if you can have a meal on your deck, entertain friends or just relax on it and read a book. They’re also a guaranteed value-adder, so if your backyard is deck-free, it’s the perfect place to start.

Grow Your Own Food

Vegetable gardens are all the rage right now. People are looking for ways to decrease their footprint, and building a veggie patch is a great way to produce your own food and reduce your impact. They also look great, and the entire family will love gathering around the box to plant and watch their veggies comes to life.

Source: Sally Wood – Everlast Services.



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