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Tips and Tricks for Storing Mattresses

Correct mattress storage is of the upmost importance if you’re looking to extend the lifespan of your mattress. And to that end, this blog is here to help. We have the best information available on how to correctly store your mattress. We’re going to cover the do’s and don’ts of mattress storage, offering a range of expert tips as we go.


  1. The Best Place to Store Your Mattress Is…?

Whilst we’ll get into the particulars of storing your mattress shortly, it’s important to work out just where you should place your mattress, once ready to do so.

Many people like to store their mattresses in basements, garages or roof spaces. This, however, can be a serious misstep. Basements, garages and roof spaces are often the dampest locations in the house, and moisture and mattresses do not mix! Plus, these spaces are always quite dirty and dusty and home to a number of creepy-crawlies. There’s nothing worse than discovering that your expensive mattress has become the home of a family of mice whilst stored in your roof space.

Overall, the best place to store your mattress is in a climate controlled storage facility. Professional furniture storage providers are your go to, here.

  1. How Should I Store My Mattress?

When you’ve worked out your ideal storage location, make sure you store your mattress with this golden rule in mind: do not store your mattress on its side, lay it flat!

The reason for this is simple: your mattress simply wasn’t designed to be rested on its side. If you leave it that way for more than 24 hours, your chances of irreparably damaging the internal spring structure of your mattress are significant.

  1. Should I Clean My Mattress?

Absolutely! Cleaning your mattress with a vacuum and upholstery cleaner is an absolute must before placing your mattress into long term storage. You want to make sure you’re storing a mattress, after all, and not a breeding ground for mould.

  1. What About Protection?

Wrapping your mattress in professional plastic packing material will ensure your mattress doesn’t get damaged during transit, or during storage.

There’s a few things to be aware of when it comes to wrapping your mattress. The first is this the aim is to minimise air pockets. The second is not to wrap it too tight! You want to strike the right balance. This will ensure that your mattress receives apt protection from the elements, whilst retaining breathability.

Source: Kent Relocation Group

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