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Help for Home Sellers

Hints for home sellersHow many people deliberately open their wallet or purse, take out a hundred dollar note and throw it in the rubbish bin? No one. Buy yet, when it comes to sell their homes, thousands of people throw away thousands of dollars. Sure, they do it without realizing what they are doing; but the result is the same. – they lose a lot of money. That’s because they have no experience in selling their homes. Some people only sell a home once or twice in their lives.

From time to time we will publish home seller hints from Neil Jenman’s booklet “Help for Home Sellers”. We hope you will find them useful

Today’s hint is Hint 80 of 184
“Investors who brought through one of thoseĀ  investment companies or “clubs” have often been ripped-off. Sadly, it’s not they decide to sell that they realize they paid too much. Don’t shoot the agent/messenger.”
If you would like a copy of the booklet please contact Pennisi Real Estate on (03) 9379 5616


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