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3 warning signs to look out for in real estate agents

You’ve probably heard the adage that there are bad real estate agents, good real estate agents and also great real estate agents.

When you are planning to sell your home, it’s crucial to hire the right person for the job.

With so many registered professionals out there, it can be hard to identify who the very best agent in your area is – but on the other hand, it should be easy to weed out those who you should steer well away from.

Check out these real estate tips for the three traits your agent should definitely not have:

1. They don’t listen

Selling a home with an agent is a two-way business relationship and they must have your best interests in mind.

If they don’t bother to ask in detail about your plans and preferences, or if it’s a mission to get a hold of them on the phone, you should probably move on and look for someone who cares.

2. They lack experience

An agent’s job should be their full-time occupation, and they should have a good portfolio of recent sales to show they know how to get results.

Additionally, make sure they’ve taken the appropriate real estate courses and training and are a member of an accredited body.

3. They’re too pushy

This is linked to the first point about having your best interests at heart. Your agent should work with your needs and demands at the core, offering their expert guidance when required.

Never let the agent push you in a direction you aren’t 100 per cent comfortable with.

The truth is that there are a lot of substandard real estate agents out there, but it shouldn’t take long to find one that meets your needs.

Source: REIA

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