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Lincoln Park Dairy

The National Museum of Australia has recently purchased a yellow house-drawn milk cart which belonged to the Lincoln Park Dairy and was used in Essendon until 1987. Laura Breen, Assistant Curator at the National Museum of Australia, is visiting Melbourne Tuesday, June 25, to undertake research for the Museum’s Horsepower exhibition, which explores the role of the horse in Australian social history and will open in late 2014. Laura would love to have the opportunity to chat with local residents who may remember the milk cart when in use and record any stories or information about milkmen and dairies in Moonee Valley area which they may like to share. The Essendon Historical Society is working with Laura to host and arrange these interviews on June 25 and are asking anyone to please contact them to organise a time or perhaps arrange an alternative meeting, such as a phone or email interview.

More details:


Phone: (03) 9370 4607 (please leave a message for our volunteers to answer)


Twitter: @EssHisSoc

Postal Address: PO Box 557, Essendon, 3040


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