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Most homes for sale are easy to spot because they have a ‘For Sale’ sign out the front. This is because – even in the days of Internet in their pockets – prospective home sellers often like to drive around an area to get a feel for it as part of preparing themselves to buy. Some are specifically looking for streets or houses in which they would like to live. It is usual for the sign to have a phone number so prospective buyers can call and get information about the property. But this is only useful if the agent is ready to strike while the purchaser is hot.

If you are thinking of selecting an agent, try ringing a phone number from a signboard as if you were about to organize an inspection. Signs are great at generating such phone calls, and while many of these calls never result in a ‘sold’ sign it is worth being sure that the agent you are about to choose can respond to an eager caller wanting to look at the property ‘now’. While no agent can be expected to drop tools and come and show the property on the spot every time, it is worth knowing how your potential buyers will be treated when they make the call; does a live person answer the phone or does the call go to a voicemail or recorder?

It is important that someone answers the phone while the caller is “hot”, especially if they are ringing from outside the house. Many buyers are put off a property altogether if their enthusiasm turns to frustration when they are faced with ‘on hold’ messages and prompts to press numbers.

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