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We can’t all hop on a bike

JUST when we thought traffic couldn’t get any worse in Moonee Valley, our council has floated a hair-brained idea to appease the bike lobby.

If we don’t kick up a fuss now, Mt Alexander Road, from Fletcher Street to Kellaway Avenue, will be reduced to one lane.

Surely they can’t be serious!

And they are talking about major traffic changes at the railway viaduct to improve the safety of the bike lane from Grice Crescent to Fletcher Street.

Hundreds of cars idling away in peak-hour traffic affect the environment negatively. Commuters can add at least another 15 minutes to get to work.

We’re told we should all start learning to ride a bike to get around town, which won’t be exciting news for the city’s ageing population.

“The car is unfashionable. The bike is now king”.

Yet for all these years we have had bike lanes in Moonee Valley, few cyclists bother to use them.

Why does the bike lobby have so much clout? Time to tell our council exactly what we think.

Phone your ward councillors and let them know it’s simply not on. Ask them to belatedly fix the broader traffic and parking issues in Moonee Valley.

Source: Murphy’s Lore, Moonee Valley Weekly



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