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  • Discover a world of dinosaurs at Scienceworks as you explore the science of palaeontology.

    Scienceworks invites visitors of all ages to explore ‘how we know what we know’ about those most famous of prehistoric creatures – dinosaurs! A new exhibition, Explore-a-saurus, has been developed by Scienceworks to demonstrate the ways in which palaeontologists use fossil evidence to learn about how dinosaurs lived; from what they ate and how fast they ran, to what colour they may have been and even how they cared for their young.

    Discover the forensic method scientists use to learn about prehistoric life in a setting inhabited by Scienceworks’ own animatronic dinosaurs!

    This interactive exhibition will explore the concepts of palaeontology in a fun and hands-on way by testing your strength against the strength of a T-Rex jaw and looking through the eyes of a carnivore or herbivore dinosaur.

    Try your hand at being a palaeontologist by uncovering fossils and bones, comparing the types of plants that dinosaurs ate, examining insects under microscopes, recreating the sounds of various dinosaurs and seeing how they digested their food.

    Uncover how dinosaurs lived, and see some of them come to life including herbivores Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Apatosaurus, as well as the carnivorous Tyrannosaurus rex, King of the Cretaceous Perio

  • When: until 15 April 2012

  • Time: 10:00 AM – 4:30 PM
    Adults $18, Concession $6 and Children (3 – 16 years) $5. Prices include general entry to Scienceworks.

  • Contact: Melbourne Museum Bookings & Enquiries 13 11 02



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