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Holidaymakers warned social media could increase risk of burglary.


Holidaymakers are being warned to keep their travel plans off social network sites to reduce the risk of burglary over the festive season

Insurance Council of Australia chief executive Rob Whelan says people should not post personal travel information on websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

“These days, many of us feel comfortable sharing personal information with friends and colleagues, but not everyone using social media has a positive motive,” he said.

“It does not take much homework for a thief to connect information about you and work out when your house might be empty or your car unattended.”

Mr Whelan said posting travel plans on social media websites was like sticking a note on the front door of your house telling burglars to help themselves.

The Insurance Council recommends travellers tell only close family and friends about their travel plans, and avoid posting photos online until they return.

Source: News Limited



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