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New Internet-based Property Development Game Arrives


REAL estate hobbyists will be able to play the part of a property entrepreneur, as part of a new Internet-based computer game set to hit the market soon.

Property Mogul will allow players to acquire, sell and manage properties to build a portfolio. Players start with $1 million, and can utilize real estate agent help to advice on game based purchasers. Agents will be represented with an online avatar.

“Property Mogul is an entertaining and interactive game where players buy, sell and manage real estate, allowing them to apply real life principles to achieve virtual property tycoon status,” said Century 21 Australia chairman and owner Charles Tarbey. The agency has developed the game with Engaging Communications.

“While nothing can replace building a real life property empire, Property Mogul represents a fun online game that may just help people get there,” Mr Tarbey said.

The games website will publish an overall leader board for the truly competitive. It’s been designed to link in with social media sites Facebook and Twitter.

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