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Younger Australians prefer property investments over shares: survey


Despite rising interest rates, cooling property markets and volatile share markets, a large proportion of Australians are still willing to invest according to a new survey.

The study commissioned by debenture issuer Esanda found that 43% of those polled preferred investing in property compared to 19% who preferred debentures and shares, and 16% who chose bank deposits.

Australians under 35 are more interested in property (49%) compared to shares (17%), followed by bank deposit accounts (19%) and debentures (12%).

The report also found that Australians are generally becoming more cautious – 56% preferred safer investments with a guaranteed but lower rate of return.

“In today’s economy with volatile sharemarket performance and increasing interest rates, it makes sense for Australians to shop around and consider all types of short-, medium- and long-term investments, as well as the ‘traditionals’ of property and shares,” said Peter Mullin, Esanda chief financial officer.

Other key findings from the research revealed that Victorians and Tasmanians are most attracted to safe investments (60%), while South Australians lead the moderate risk category (47%) and Queenslanders registered the most interest in high risk, high return investments (8%).

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