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How well do your know your rainwater?

(Quartile Research)
Rainwater can – and should – be used for much more than just watering the garden, according to the Australian Rainwater Development Industry Group (ARID), which has just released a new publication, the Rainwater Consumer Guide.

The guide, published in association with the Master Plumbers and Mechanical Services Association of Australia (MPMSAA), provides consumers with existing homes or people building new homes with simple clear information on how to use rainwater and rain water products.

MPMSAA Executive Director Ray Herbert said that the water industry is committed to the development of effective and sustainable alternative water sources to relieve the pressure on our potable water supply.

The Rainwater Consumer Guide emphasises the best way to capture, store and utilise rainwater, he said.

“By de-mystifying the process of how to choose a rainwater tank, the accessories available and how you can achieve the best results from your investment, we hope that consumers will be confident in the choices they make,” Mr Herbert said.

ARID estimates that, on average, family household water consumption is approximately 300,000 litres per year:

– garden and lawn (35-50% or 105,000-150,000 litres)
– bathroom (20-30% or 60,000-90,000 litres)
– toilets (10-20% or 30,000-60,000 litres)
– laundry (25-50% or 75,000-150,000 litres)
– kitchen (5% or 15,000 litres)
– drinking water (1% or 3,000 litres). More….

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