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(Clocktower Centre)
What if, one evening, the light in the moon went out … and you were the one responsible for finding a replacement light bulb?

In LALALUNA, the stage fills with illusion, lunacy and a touch of circus as Bob – the lunar caretaker – attempts to correct this astronomical malady. In his quest to put the light back in the darkened night, Bob encounters body-engulfing balloons, tangles with a tango-dancing music stand, brings a movie to life beyond the confines of its screen and invites his audience to participate in ways they’d never dreamed of before.

Fresh from a season at the prestigious London International Mime Festival, LALALUNA is the all-ages friendly solo creation from Wolfe Bowart – the Artistic Director of the hilarious comedy duo The Shneedles, and one of today’s masters of physical theatre.

Saturday 11 August at 8pm – and Sunday 12 August at 2pm

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