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Six hints to make it easier.
by Neil Jenman

Does any industry treat consumers as badly as the real estate industry? Unlikely.

It’s astonishing. You’re about to spend several hundred thousand dollars, it’s the biggest financial purchase of your life – and, yet, from most agents, you get the lowest level of treatment you’ve ever had in your life. Most agents are hard to contact, they rarely return calls (or emails), you have to meet them where and when it suits them; and then, when you do talk to them, they lie about the likely selling price of properties.

Week after week, you race around, wasting time and money. Trying to buy a home these days is frustrating in the extreme. Finally, when it comes time to pay, you are likely to be pushed and bullied. Thank goodness you only have to do it once every few years.

And therein lies the cause of the problem. You’ve got no experience with agents. By the time you get the experience, you’re so battered you never want to hear about real estate again.

So, to spare impending homebuyers some pain, click here for six helpful hints. More…..

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