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Reduce, reuse, recycle: time to rethink water

(Quartie Research)
As Australia heads into what is expected to be a long dry summer, the importance of water must be at the front of people’s minds and of public debate, says the Australian Conservation Foundation (ACF). It is becoming all too apparent that climate change, indiscriminate usage and lack of planning has reduced the amount of water available to many of Australia’s cities, towns and bush.

A recent Victorian Government report shows significantly reduced in-flows to that state’s rivers and streams over the last 10 years. The trend is similar in most other states and is expected to continue. Yet at the moment, 15 per cent of our precious drinking water is literally being flushed down the toilet. In some states the figure is closer to 20 per cent. Our urban water systems need a good rethink, said the ACF. “We should be capturing far more water in rainwater tanks (rather than planning new dams) and we must reduce demand by using water efficient taps, showers and toilets.”

Many Australian houses waste a lot of water through poor or old-fashioned plumbing….more

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