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DSA logoArticle by Neil Jenman
Robberies rise as thieves shop on-line.

If you are a thief, please do not read this article. Police in Victoria have traced a number of home robberies back to ‘virtual tours’ on real estate web sites.
Apparently, thieves (with the unwitting assistance of dim-witted agents) are checking out the contents of homes on the internet, selecting those with the most desirable possessions and then robbing the homes.

It’s a form of on-line shopping for burglars.

To assist the thieves even further, some agents are providing floor-plans on-line which the thieves can take with them so that, once they break into the homes, they know their way around. It’s a similar concept used by friendly tour guides who supply maps to visitors.

If they wish to do even more research, thieves can, of course, have a personal tour of family homes prior to robbing them. All they do is turn up at an open-for-inspection, give a false name and gain entry….more

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