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Save your energy for swimming

Swimming Pool
(Quartile Research)
Most homeowners with a pool will tell you how expensive maintenance can be, especially if you have neglected it through the colder months. Whether salt water or chlorinated, the list of occasional and frequent tasks can stretch on. Now the weather is heating up and your pool is likely to see a lot more use, remember to have a look at your pool pump, as it could be putting additional costs on your energy bill.

Energy Australia has the following suggestions for reducing unnecessary strain on both the pump and your finances:

Regularly check that the timer on your filter is working properly, and set it to work at least part of the time in off-peak hours.
Ensure you have the right size filter for your pool, and know the amount of daily running time necessary to keep the water clean.
Heated pools and spas should be kept covered when not in use, so they don’t require as much energy to constantly maintain their temperature. If your pool is heated, consider using a solar heating system to reduce your energy bill.

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