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DSA LogoThis is the fifth (and final) in the series of questions Real Estate consumer advocate Neil Jenman suggests you ask a Real Estate Agent before selecting one to sell your home.

Random comments and questions…
[or other ways to make the same major points] might include…

· I want an agent who will get me the highest price at the lowest cost with the lowest hassle and, of course, without any risk of loss if there is no sale. Are you comfortable with being able to meet these requests of mine?

· How long has your agency been in business in this area?

· How long have you (personally) been selling real estate?

· How many properties do you sell? (Let them ask you if you mean weekly, monthly or annually, to which you reply that the time frame doesn’t matter. You just want to know that they are capable of getting results).

· Are you a good negotiator?

· Can you tell me some of the main points you know about negotiation?

· Can you give me some examples of the results of your negotiating ability?

· What provisions do you take to ensure the security and safety of my home when it is being shown to prospective buyers?

· If I find a buyer – such as a close friend or relative – will you want me to pay you any commission?

· Have you ever had any unhappy clients?

· What were they unhappy about?

· If I employ you and I am not happy with your performance, I want to be able to dismiss you without any penalty to me. Is this okay by you?

· The agent I choose will be given an initial time period of 30 days on the selling agreement between us. If my property is not sold in 30 days and if I am happy with the performance of the agent, I will be happy to extend the term of the agent’s appointment. Is this okay by you?

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