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The Clocktower Centre presents!

Always a much-loved play, The Merchant of Venice combines fairytale romance with the tougher issues of justice and mercy, racism and tolerance. Problems of our own times.

The Merchant of Venice has a host of characters who compete for the audience’s attention, each more eccentric than the last: a handsome impecunious young man in search of a wealthy wife; a melancholy rich merchant in love with the young man; three women who dress themselves as men; a mischievous clown; an exotic Moroccan; an absurd Spaniard and, the best-known of all, the villain Shylock.

Saturday 8 July – 8pm and Monday 10 July – 1pm at the Clocktower Centre. Click Here to Buy Tickets Online Now!

You can see the full theatre program on the Clocktower Centre’s website. Click here to view.

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