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THE HARD WORK TRAP – Thousands of sellers wasting millions of dollars.
Here’s a question for home-sellers. What is the most important factor in the sale of your home?

Is it the quality of the agent, the method of sale (auction or private treaty), the amount of advertising, the advertising medium, the number of buyer inspections, the communication from the agent, the speed of the sale or the price offered?

The correct answer (and this is based on years of research) is that the property gets SOLD.

A sale is the number one priority of home-sellers. The next most important priority – which is a very close second – is the price paid for their property.

It should follow, therefore, that the best agent – and the one most likely to make the sellers the most happy – is the agent who gets a fast sale at a high price.

But this is where common sense and common perception commonly part company… more

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